Monday, May 17, 2010

Yo-yo-ing around

First off, Happy Belated Birthday to dear Vanessa, good friend and Godma of Rosabelle - I actually messaged her a greeting on the actual day yesterday, and miss getting together (like last year) to celebrate together. The Choons are in Singapore now, but will be back in Shanghai later this month, with me missing them when we are back home, sigh!

On to random things - like that of our girl liking to wear my slippers, so much that I fear taking them off these days, when she will give a cheeky grin and strut to them and go 'wear', before gingerly trotting off to admire herself in the mirror.
Or of her liking to sing the 小白兔 song (to herself at times), now knowing the 两, 蹦蹦, 萝卜, 菜, 爱 in the lyrics. We still cannot figure out what song she's humming when she goes '昨天, 昨天'... it could be some other words as we have not been singing any such song to her, but this is a favourite with her as she pokes her fingers at things in rhythm, and sways her body as she indulges in her own world, heh! On the topic of rabbits, there is a rabbit owner who brought out her two cute rabbits for a 'walk' last week, and obviously the pets were a hit with the kids. Rosabelle even dared to pat them, and fed the rabbits stalks of grass, and she will be very excited whenever I mention it.

This was a random shot of her trying to snatch the camera away from me...
And on another occasion when she was having fun snatching the camera away, and you can see that the 'game' became quite frustrating for her as she lost her patience and got quite upset, haha! And then I went on to just point the camera randomly at her from afar and managed to get a series of very nice and natural-looking shots!
I love this picture of her and her big teeth, haha!
Words picked up of late include 穿, 勺, 推 (when she wants to push/be pushed in the walker or bicycle), 出来 (when she wants to get out of the walker or bicycle or high chair), 衣服 (sounded like油油 to me, and I thought she was referring to the moisturisers we apply on her, till I realised she was also calling T-shirts in books by this same phrase...), 蛋清 (as I sometimes soft boil an egg and mix the yolk with cereals/avocado etc, and let her eat the white separately, she has learnt to request it from Nai nai in the mornings), 车, 黑/白豆 (as Nai nai tricks her into believing that rice are her favourite beans...), 倒 (when things fall), and some other new English words like sun, zip, and wibbit - as in the sound made by a frog, which she will do with an attempted hop (bending of knees) after she picked this up during one of the playgroup sessions.

We also taught her a new (and cheap) game of playing with ribbons/old laces/belts as she flings them around, and used an old shoelace to teach her to cross over it (though she still trips at times when she forgets to lift her back leg up high...), and to go under it. Teaching her the concept of 'over' and 'under' has paid off as she hid under the bed and peeked at me one day and went 'un' - great! There are things I teach her all the time that do not come with such immediate returns. When I was playing the shoelace game again and asked her to 'go across' the string, she stopped and went 'cross' and used her two index fingers to form a cross, something I've been doing to her for a long time, especially when we see the letter 'X'. So happy!

Another milestone of late is other than just knowing when she needs to poo, she also asks for her 'Kakakakaka' duck potty when she needs to pee, and for the first few times, we were quite frustrated and thought she was fooling around when she asked for it and did not poo. After that, we realised she asked for it because she needed to pee. Good job! When the weather gets really hot in summer, we can really consider coming off with the diapers!

I actually wanted to also include a post about my once-in-awhile catch-up with my ex-colleagues from Weber Shandwick, and we finally met at 香满楼 restaurant at Xinyuanli last Thursday, but I do not have photos to show as I wanted to really get out of the place ASAP. Nothing about the company - it was a huge reunion and it was a pity I couldn't catch up with them properly because I was feeding Rosabelle. It was more of the restaurant and its terrible 'not sticking to its NO SMOKING policy in spite of blatant signs all over the place' lousy environment. We were basically surrounded by smokers who had the audacity to get offended when we told them to stop smoking, and even the management could not stop them. If not for the fact that I do not have idle time on my hands, I will make sure that my complaints go to the right people and put the restaurant in its place. We had to change tables but still ended up with smokers around. Poor Rosabelle - the food wasn't exactly suitable for her already in the first place (too oily/spicy/fatty/salty), and we quickly wrapped up and headed off. Sheesh!

On to a lighter note - I praised Rosabelle yesterday for (1) offering to give one of the stones she was holding to a younger boy who was crying (2) giving her balloon to a younger boy to play with and (3) asking from another Grandma to give to an older girl the same yogurt drink that the former had given her earlier (she saw the other girl, and went 'Jing Jing!' as she went to tug at the Grandma's bag, wanting the old lady to also take out another drink for the older girl).

Making me happy yesterday, we dive into a valley today as I picked her up for her morning feed - she was hot to the touch and measured 38.5 degrees. Even though she was still in high spirits, I decided to not bring her out this morning, but stay in - this is her making cheeky faces as she enjoyed her morning snack of honeydew.
However, after showing a great appetite the past few days, she did not eat as much during lunch, and her temperature peaked at 1:30pm with 39.1 degrees, so I applied a cold patch for her and nursed her to sleep past two. She only slept for all of 15 minutes before waking up crying for milk again, and even after that rejected me and continued crying, so I figured I needed to give her a dose of 5ml paracetemol. Poor thing... she was much better after the medicine, but refused to go to sleep (only managed to sleep at past five after Wayne rocked her to sleep), and just wanted to play. Aiyo... at least her temperature dropped (was 37.0 when we last measured), and she managed to perspire quite a bit. Hopefully the medicine, perspiring, and the barley drink (she ate alot of the barley before sleeping) helps!

Not sure what is the cause of this sudden fever, but I pray it won't persist (just when Wayne and I were getting worried about her toe nails looking slightly wierd as they are slightly bent in at the inner sides - last I checked, her shoes and socks aren't too small for her, so I will have the doctors in BJ and SG look at them the next time we visit them...).

Darling girl, do get well soon! :)

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