Sunday, May 9, 2010

Working on a deadline!

Alritey... I have tons of Singapore (especially Sentosa) pix to sort out and blog about, and I have already confirmed mine and Rosabelle's next home-coming in June (to coincide with the kids' hols so we can have fun going around together)! And so, before I go MIA again for a month (back from 2 till 28 Jun - could have been longer but I booked my tickets late, and Rosabelle's Chinese visa expires on 29 Jun, so we can't stay till 2 Jul, the maximum entitlement of the air tickets), and before I accumulate more things to blog about and need to back-track horribly, I will endeavour to finish up all my catch-up posts over these two weeks!

First off, Happy Mummy's Day today to my dearest and most favourite Mummy and Po po! My Mum called me yesterday to say she received my beautiful flowers I ordered from Far East Flora. When the delivery man came to the house, clever Simon asked, 'Are those from Wendy Yiyi?' - heh!

But I do not have photos of those blooms yet. What I have is an overdue photo of the orchids I gave my mum on her birthday on 5 April, and Simon, being the Spiderman fanatic that he is, got a cartoon character cake for Po po...
Of course, when he celebrated his 6th birthday on 19 March, he also got his favourite figurine cake (not to mention another perennial favourite - Ben 10 T-shirt...).
Speaking of birthdays, my dear brother-in-law Matthias also celebrated his birthday yesterday on 8 May - what a blessing to have 3 lovelies to celebrate for him - as seen from the pretty Snow White get-up that Marianne had for some Centrepoint promotion where little girls lived out their fairytale dream of being a Disney Princess, haha!
I am so looking forward to going home, and to see the by-then 1.5 months old Gideon. Mum says he's turning into a feisty little one, bawling his lungs out when his feeds are delayed (and they decide to bathe him instead). Apparently, he cried himself purple, and then closed his eyes for 10 minutes as he was exhausted - Mum and Sis thought he had fainted, wahaha!
Here are pictures of him taken last week...
Naughty one, Yiyi Wendy is coming home to smack your little bottom!

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