Monday, May 10, 2010

So random I have no title

Since we are on the topic of backtracks and updates, I made notes of various things to include on this blog - so these are all so entirely random that I have no classification for them whatsoever, so be prepared to be confused, haha!

Rosabelle will at times do naughty things that make me angry, like biting my finger when I am cleaning her teeth at night, pressing the phone and then disengaging Po po, crossing the road without me holding her hand or carrying her, wanting to sleep on our bed after her feeds at night (been doing well the past three days after I psyched her, and she nodded obediently, agreeing to and keeping to her promise of sleeping in her own bed), pressing the DVD player randomly - I let her turn the power on, and she knows that she should/cannot touch any other buttons. I will raise my voice and scold her, and she will look away sheepishly, run to Wayne/Nai nai, or come to me and give me a hug/kiss. At least she knows she's in the wrong.

However, two nights ago, she started throwing some toys onto the floor, and looked at me almost defiantly as I told her to stop it and put her toys back. In the end, she put them all back, but I am making sure that no adults throw things around the house these days. Wayne has a habit of throwing Rosabelle's shoes onto the floor when he changes her - I guess it's a man's thing. When he accidentally threw her toy behind the sofa when tossing it into the air yesterday, Rosabelle immediately wanted to also throw her toy behind - it's a case of monkey see, monkey do, and unless we adults stop doing it, she is going to follow us. Like when Wayne used an inflatable stick to hit Rosabelle lightly on the head, I told him that Rosabelle is going to follow and start hitting people on the head, regardless of what she's holding in her hands. It'd be hard to then explain that 'Papa was holding something light, so it's ok...'. So for now, we have to be really conscious of our actions.

Rosabelle also has very good memory (think all kids do) - we saw an abandoned Santa Claus figurine at our lobby the other day, and she started looking for 'Ye ye' (Santa) the next day when it wasn't there. We went to our neighbour's house to play with their 6-month-old girl once, and Rosabelle played with their giraffe fridge magnet - the next day, when I asked her if she could remember going to Mei mei's house, she immediately said 'giraffe'. When a dog came towards her and licked her on her nose one day on our morning walk, she can still remember to this day and say/point to her nose when she sees dogs, even waking up the day after from her afternoon nap and going 'nose' whilst pointing to it - haha!

In the car, I have an issue of That's Beijing with an advert featuring a panda sitting on a rickshaw whilst pointing a finger towards the front, as it is pulled by another panda. I made up a 'run, run, run, run, run, then point!' complete with running and pointing action, and she could remember and repeat the action thereafter to this day. She even did/said the same when she saw a picture of another panda in a magazine. There is another nursery rhymes book with a picture of a rabbit and mouse gazing upwards at the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, their chins propped on their hands. Whenever she sees it, she will follow with her little hands under her chin as well, and when we purposely put our hands on our cheeks and ask 'Is it like this?', she will adjust our hands for us till we are also propping them under our chins. So kay-poh...

However, her memory isn't all that seamless. Having gone to Doudou Ge ge's house on the 12th floor, she now assumes that when she turns the same corner on our 10th floor, she can reach his house, going 'Dou dou!' all the time when she goes around the corner, heh! Another favourite kid, Wei wei, gave her a yogurt drink once (I did not let her drink but I kept the bottle), and now she uses it during her bath times - she will go 'Lao lao! Wei wei!' whenever she sees the bottle now, remembering who gave that to her.

At times when I observe her at play/work, I find it highly amusing how her little mind ticks. She will take our house phone, or her own toy phone and go 'Wei...Po Po...', she will also help to pull her own sleeves up when we are going to wash her hands, and now, she even knows to help carry her two pails of dirty clothes to the bathroom before her bath. Once, she was making two trips with one pail at a time and without us advising her to, she stacked the pails together and carried them all at once - so clever - *beam*. Our helpful little child even had the strength to help Wayne take the humidifier container to the sink for him to fill it with water, and knows to check and see the water levels to see if it needed topping up every night.

Below are some photos of us at Si'De Park on 13 April after I brought her for Music & Movement classes at 3e International.

New words of the moment include purple (she just blurted it out clearly when holding up a purple alphabet 'O' during bath time the day before), 掉 (indicating that things have dropped), 'thun' (as in 'thunder', as I was singing 'I hear thuder' to her when it rained heavily the other day), hug (as she gives us her tight bear hugs), 娃娃菜 (which she said very clearly after me when we were at the supermarket, and she could still remember the day after), right (as in right hand, as she was listening to the 'Wheels on the Bus' CD with the song 'One, two, three, four, five' and went 'right' towards the end of the verse, referring to the fish biting her little finger on her right).

Speaking of CDs, there was one day when I probably did my cleaning and accidentally adjusted the volume control of the speakers. When I turned on the CD, the volume was turned on very high and poor Rosabelle was just standing next to the speakers, so she quickly ran towards me and Nai nai in the kitchen. Aiyo, poor thing! Lucky she did not cry and had the mind to quickly run away from the imminent 'danger' first.

Last week, I took a photo of her 'Fruits for Today' for fun. Sometimes, the fruits are in the fridge, so I will take them out prior or they will be too cold for her. She has her morning, after-lunch, after-nap, and after-dinner fruits a day, and I thought they looked very colourful that day, heh!

I also got online a Nuk plate for her, which can hold more foods - at least it's easier for Nai nai to scoop the rice/porridge as it used to be buried under all the other foodstuff I piled on top. Rosabelle likes the plate as she can also see clearly the foods she likes and reach for them. Best thing is it's non-slip at the base and has grips at the side for little hands.
However, last week, she was suffering from about two days of loss of appetite. No other reason other than maybe the weather is getting hotter (?) and/or she was eating too much yellow beans and/or watermelon and/or portobello mushrooms the day prior. Luckily she's back to normal now and eating fine, heh!
- End of random rantings -


Vanessa said...

hehee, Rachel has the same NUK plate, two! One in Shanghai and the other I kept in SG. She's been using it since she turned one and still liked it to this day. 3e is good - I have a friend teaching there. They're great for older kids too. Are you intending to put her there for pre-school too?

Wendy Loh said...

Haha, great babies think (and love) alike! 3e is so expensive and unless we're on expat package, it's cheaper to school in Sg for the same quality! Will do another post about playgroups and pre-schools soon, heh!