Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy 100th!

Last Saturday, we brought Rosabelle out to attend a party! I decked her in a girly party get-up, complete with hairclip, haha!

(On the topic of hair, I finally had the time to go get my hair cut and coloured yesterday afternoon, complete with a mani/pedicure before that. Bliss... It's the usual blue-black base with red highlights, and my stylist has now moved to the Gongti branch - great as it's nearer for me. However, bad news is he's now promoted to Creative Director so he costs RMB280 per cut, RMB100 more than last time. Thank goodness I have a stored value discount...sheesh...). We car-pooled and were waiting for the birthday boy and his mummy and nanny downstairs to bring them along in our car, so Rosabelle ventured out in her new Collettee shoes I bought in Singapore (still big as I bought them a tad bigger for summer). I've been teaching her that the signs on the floor read '小心地滑' and she's very excited when she sees them, facing the correct way to look at them and reading '心' and '滑' to me. (That's me with my ultra-long black roots last Saturday - totally overdue haircut and colour as my last hair job was in December - gulp!.)
And when the VIPs arrived, we all went on our way to the restaurant at Xin Yuan Li, a Hong Kong hotpot restaurant, where the owner is a friend of the boy's parents, and we had the whole second level to ourselves (about three tables of guests).

There you have it - the about 7 kg 100-day old birthday boy Huang Jun qi (Mum's a Chinese, Dad's a Malaysian), who is so chubby that I seem to be cuddling a lump/ball of meat when carrying him, as his neck/back are all so fleshy. So cute! (I'm very proud that his mum donned him in a Carter's 'Handsome' romper I bought for him as a newborn present on this special occasion - it's for 6-month-olds and it fits him now - go figure! Thank goodness I got him a 9-month-old 'Mum's new man' romper as a present this time round...) He was a good boy and did not fuss nor cry alot in spite of the noisy environment and many strangers, even taking a nap when we were eating.
The place was done up with 'Happy Birthday' streamers and balloons, and the kids (as well as some adults) donned party hats - this was a quick pic of Rosabelle (and her favourite Dou Dou in the background) before she pulled the hat off...
There were not many other kids from the usual yard area - just two other kids (Dou Dou and Jing Jing) - maybe Junqi's mum didn't invite as many, and also maybe it was a Saturday and other families also had plans. But Wayne enjoyed the hot pot - the prawn/beef/fish balls were all very good, and the cut beef was very tender. Even Rosabelle also enjoyed the prawn balls and tofu - she probably ate the most amongst the other kids (in spite of being the youngest).

I am not actually keen on her having hot pot, though, because I find it quite dangerous for walking basins of hot soup around young kids, and the idea of raw and cooked foods being together, and ultimately, the different salivas of strangers at the table, some who do not use the ladle (but their chopsticks) for scooping food. But ultimately, she's already 18 months old, so I figured I should just loosen it up a little - she enjoyed it, I think, haha! But luckily I brought my own disposable plastic spoon (have a spare set in the bag when going to restaurants I've never been) - the restaurant only had huge porcelein soup spoons and the other mummies all wished they'd also brought one to feed their kids.

After we were done with dinner, the kids played outdoors a little with blowing bubbles, picking up stones/twigs, and doing Crayola colouring indoors. Poor Rosabelle tumbled over twice and fell down hard on her knees/hands when outside, with one time having her right knee graze against some pebbles. Other Mummies went 'Ooooh!' when she fell hard, but our sturdy girl picked herself up, dusted her hands, and continued playing. I pretended to not see her fall, but after that looked at her knee and saw that it was grazed, and quickly took a wet wipe to clean it. At night, when I asked her about the red patch on the knee, she said she 'Dooong' (and leaned sideways), to show that she fell. I kept praising her for being a brave girl and not crying, heh!

After all the guests had eaten, it was cake-cutting time as I managed to capture Junqi, Qi Qi (his sis), and their Mummy posing with the yummy cake from 21cake. (The cake had a 'typo' error and read '白天快乐' instead of '百天快乐' - aiyo!)
These are all the kids posing together, and Rosabelle was happily clapping away and enjoyed the cake with me thereafter - yummilicious!
By the time we reached home and settled Rosabelle in for her afternoon nap, it was way past 4 pm, and our girl was so worn out she slept soundly throughout till dinner time!

Speaking of naps, two afternoons ago, Rosabelle simply refused to sleep after I nursed her in the afternoon, and kept wanting to go to the living room and play, so after many frustrated attempts to get her to lie down on the bed with me, I let her into the living room alone and closed Nai nai's room door, leaving a slight gap in my room door in case she wanted to come back in to sleep.

After all of 5 minutes alone (I closed all doors and put all dangerous things away, in case you were wondering...), she realised nobody was playing with her and started hovering outside my room door, going 'No, no... Yue yue, Yue yue', and kept chanting until I asked her if she wanted to come in, haha! And then I made her lie down again with me, but she kept getting up and saying she wanted to go out again, so I was getting quite angry and let her out again after she refused to stop crying, but this time I also closed my room door. She went out, happy, and after only a few minutes, realised both room doors were closed and started crying at my door. I ignored her, wanting to teach her that she cannot just come and go as she likes, but my plans were thwarted by doting Nai nai, who probably was very heart-pained to see her crying and opened the door to her room. Aiya...

I quickly went out and brought Rosabelle into my room and made her lie on the bed, telling her off again and shouted at her when she wanted to go out again in minutes. 'There is a time to play, and there is a time to rest. In and out, in and out - you think it's a game, is it?!' - till even I felt it was way too loud. But our thick-skinned girl did not cry/squirm, looking away sheepishly and deciding she wanted 'milk, milk' again - and then she finally fell asleep, one hour after the first feed - sigh!

To this day, she can still mimic 'how angry Mummy was' by pursing her lips, going 'Hmph!' and putting her hands under her armpits, and when asked why, she will go '觉觉' as she remembers I was angry for her not taking her nap. -_-

These days, she's waking up in a nasty mood after her naps and in the mornings - giving grumpy cries and wanting 'Mama' or 'milk, milk' - I used to be so pleased that she will wake up as a smiley baby, and even play awhile and coo on her own bed and entertain herself when she woke up, but no... now, she just gives her crying noise when she wakes up. Haiya... I had to try and psyche her last night (like how I psyched her into keeping to her own bed for the fourth night straight), and made her promise not to cry when she woke up this morning. Hope she gets over this phase soon... as well as the phase of going 'I don't want' and squirming like an eel when she does not want to do things.

She's of course sweet and makes me go 'Awwww...' most times, giving me a kiss on her own accord when I made a grimace after she saw the medicine on the side of my mouth (growing cold sore). She will also run to me and ask me to 抱抱 her, then when I ask her what she wants, she will point excitedly at the window and say 'car', before looking out the window together in silence.

As Nai nai says, '总的来说,我们玥玥还是挺乖地!' (On a whole, our Rosabelle is relatively obedient!).

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