Friday, May 14, 2010

So many mummies

Last Sunday, on Mother's Day, we went out for lunch at a restaurant at Shin Kong Place. Before that, when getting ready to go out in the morning, the laudromat opposite our house was having its grand opening, and had a fan dance put up by a few ladies, coupled with drumming and 'Doong, doong, doong' sounds. Till this day, Rosabelle will still go to the window and look out at the laundromat and use her own fan to dance, going 'Doong, doong, doong' as well.

We walked around the shopping centre and ended up at the play area at the toys section, where she liked playing in/with the balls.

And sitting on the rocking animals...
Luckily we made a booking for lunch at Din Tai Fung, as there was a long queue after we got in.
We had a sumptious lunch, where Rosabelle also enjoyed the xiaolongbaos and vermicelli, and even had a taste of the almond ice dessert (kept wanting more). All mummies were given a stalk of carnation (Rosabelle wasn't at the table so only my mother-in-law had a flower, not me...haiz...).
Two mummies and a future mummy...
Speaking of mummies, here's another latest pic of Mummy's boy, Gideon.
And some other photos from my brother-in-law's birthday, as well as, Mother's Day celebrations back in Singapore.
The Toh trio - Gideon is obviously oblivious and sleepy, though I like his dancing criss-cross arm action here...
Posing with Yi Yi Wendy's flowers to Po po...
Even Simon Ge Ge and Marianne Jie Jie are doing their part to help out their Mummy and Po po on Mother's Day.
I can still remember the older Toh siblings being very thrilled at carrying Rosabelle when she was about 3 months old - wait till they realise it's going to be more of a chore than just pure fun, haha!
Of course Po po still does it best.
Here's to all mummies in the Toh, Loh, and Shi families!

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