Wednesday, December 9, 2009

80's Flashback

Today was a cold day with no sun - when we went out there wasn't a single kid around and I had to bring Rosabelle around on her usual route of seeing the stone elephants outside the clubhouse, the mannequins and fortune cat in a clothes shop, the dogs/fish tank in the liquor store, and to see her favourite beauty salon signage with the Dermologica model... (yah, so wierd, I know). We ended up at the usual Herbalife shop that has a kid's corner and two other playmates appeared, where she mercilessly planted at least 20 kisses on the boy Mai Dou, haha!

I decked her up in a pair of terry cloth pants - oh so cute and comfy - and paired it with a sweater from Marianne cheh cheh. It immediately made me think of 80's-looking tracksuits and Flashdance routines...
Speaking of flash, I got myself into a minor panic last night whilst trawling the web. As Rosabelle is playing near the fridge alot these days, sticking magnets/photos onto the fridge door, I checked online research to see if there is any harmful radiation from fridges. What I read here and here are quite unsettling, as it makes me wonder if we are bombarding her poor head with so much EMF from day-to-day appliances. There was not much worry about the fridge per se, but articles stated that infants/babies should not sleep on the wall adjoining the TV, and Rosabelle's cot is placed directly by the side of the wall sharing our hanging LCD TV, aiyo!
So Wayne did his further research today, and called his friend at TCL, to ascertain that since ours is an LCD TV, it's not like the usual CRT-based screens (think olden days, HUGE TVs with a broad base at the back) that emit alot of EMF. Well... this means we don't need to do musical chairs of furniture in the room, but I'm certainly more mindful that I don't put my mobile phone and home cordless phone to her head too much, and to keep her away from operating electrical appliances where possible!

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