Monday, December 21, 2009

In need of outdoor time

On Friday, we headed to The Place for some indoor walk-around, since it was much too windy to be outdoors.

As usual, Rosabelle enjoyed trodding around, walking from one circle to another (floor lights), and from the small flowers to the big flowers (floor tiles near the escalator).
She also managed to effectively mess up the jigsaw boxes on display at a shop - yikes!
We had fun (at our daughter's expense) making her peek out from behind the penguin figures on display.
And what is a trip to the mall without some kitschy Christmas season photos?
I'm really hoping the winds die down and Rosabelle can enjoy some outdoor fresh air over the next few days - she does not really complain at being indoors, but I still think the outdoor sunshine and surroundings will be a nice change for her.

Of late, other than doing alot of walking, she has begun to demonstrate her sorting skills. Being the kiasu parent, I was wondering to myself if I should be worried that she's not sorting shapes/colours yet, but this week, she proved me wrong by using her jigsaw set in another way. The set consists of 5 different sets of lamb heads, dresses, and shoes, so that you can mix and match it. She actually picked out all the heads and placed them onto the sofa, and did the same thing when I asked her to pick out the shoes. Aiyo... so this is what the books mean when they say kids at this age like to sort. Kids really develop at their own pace and it looks like I shouldn't be the least worried, heh!

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