Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby steps

We had strong winds in Beijing today (outside temperatures at mid-day was an average of -4 degrees celsius... so not fun), so I couldn't bring Rosabelle on her morning walk today. Instead, we went to Shin Kong Place for some indoor walking. We are actually not really keen to bringing her to enclosed places like supermarkets these days, as the flu (H1N1???) is hanging around, but we figured large malls with vast expanses of space is much better (I think...).

So Rosabelle practised her walking around the shops at Shin Kong Place, looking at the mannequins (and wondering aloud as she looked downwards why there is no '猫猫' at the feet of the mannequins, just like there is one on display at the shop within our estate, haha!). She even went into the Marc Jacobs shop and wanted to climb onto the sofa, tsk tsk!
These days, especially at home, she is learning to pace herself well - I counted more than 30 small steps at one go the other day, atta girl! I took a few videos of her attempts at walking - with one of her falling and whining in one, and another where she gingerly tries to balance herself. She can even make a U-turn when walking, haha...

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