Sunday, December 13, 2009

It cannot get more extreme than this, can it?

Rosabelle has a bad, and slightly weird habit... she likes poring through magazines during meal times, and like any other bookworm, she has favourite reads, often requesting for certain publications.

Rosabelle used to like an advertisement from Centro pub so much (featuring a pair of luscious lips), that she kept wanting the 'Ahhhh' (coupled with strenous opening of mouth) page until we had to bid farewell to it since it was crumpled and dirty with too much food.

So when I saw this Fauchon (a chain of luxury confectionaries) publication the other day, I quickly picked it up for our girl. This, this, this is the type of heavily sexed-up pictures that our girl adores these days... *shakes head*.
On the other hand, the Autumn publication from Lijia (baby hypermart) is one of the best 'toys' we have for her. As the Winter publication is out, I let her flip through this old version and the various pictures of babies, toys, cute pictures etc are a real visual feast for her! She will call out 'Gege' (to indicate the boy on the cover of the book) for us to bring the book to her.
She gets exceptionally excited when she flips to certain pages, going 'Yaaaay!' when she sees the below photo of a Mamy Poko ad. If the boy's belly looks slightly creased, that's because Rosabelle will want to plant kisses on it every time, and risk getting her food onto it as she will open her mouth ever so slightly to give her kiss, hahaha!
This is another page with three boys that she loves to kiss. She will make noise till the nanny holds it up for her to kiss them, one by one.
Oh well, at least this is more child-friendly during meal times than the Fauchon publication...

Speaking of meal times, when Wayne and I brought her out for dim sum lunch yesterday, other than eating fish porridge and char siew pau, she wasn't very keen on the rest of the foods like noodles, so I ordered some dessert of almond tofu for her. She liked her first taste of it - must have a sweet tooth like her Mummy! Also, for the first time, she ate bean sprouts yesterday, which were in the noodles that she tried some of after. However, she decided to go on a vegetarian strike last night, refusing the chicken/capsicum/spinach/carrot noodles I made for her last night and only wanting to eat peas and drink tofu soup. Grrr....alot of folks say I have loads of patience with Rosabelle, but I really only lose my temper at her during meal times when she refuses to open her mouth to naughty!

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