Sunday, December 27, 2009

The FUN before the FALL

Wayne caught some nice photos of Rosabelle toddling around with her walker as she strutted her stuff around the kitchen whilst waiting for me to get ready to head out for lunch together yesterday.
We again headed to Sanlitun Village and had lunch at The Orient Kitchen - the wait staff could recognise us even though we'd brought Rosabelle there only once previously. Hopefully she wasn't too much of a terror to have left such a deep impression, haha!

She likes going up the flight of steps in the restaurant, and looking at the bird/flower motifs on the walls.
This is her chilling out after lunch and finishing off a whole green Zespri kiwi by herself, clap clap!
These days, she has picked up the snake sound, giving a still rather uncertain 'sssss' sound (I hear it's harder for kids to pronounce the 'ssss' sound, so it's a good start!). She will also start dancing once she gets into the car even before Wayne has turned on the engine, and look at Daddy and go 'Huh? Huh?' to get him to turn on her CD of children's songs. At home, if I ask her 'Do you want Mummy to turn on the music for you?', she will also dance to indicate she wants accompanying music (she still can't nod her head yet, though she likes to shake her head and body alot!). She will start dancing even when I am nursing her in the morning/before her nap, to tell me she also wants me to sing to her (favourites are '10 green bottles', '1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a fish alive', 'Old MacDonald' - there are 15 animals on the list right now, and who cares if Mr. MacDonald has a safari of lions and elephants on his farm, for kids, anything goes man!). She even grabs my hands to place on her thigh to get me to pat her in tandem!

Now, for THE FALL.

Yesterday, after nursing her and she did not go to sleep, Wayne was doing the dishes whilst I was playing with her on our bed. She likes to walk around on our bed as she has probably figured out it hurts less when she falls! However, I did not watch her closely enough, or should I say, I was too complacent, and did not think to stop her when she ventured too near the edge of the bed. Before I knew it, she had toddled OFF the edge of the bed and hit the floor head/face first before I could reach out to grab her.


I gave a loud 'AAAAH' and there was loud crying, making Wayne run into the room. Our poor girl had a bump on her upper right forehead, and a slight line of blood from where she hit the gap in the wooden tiles. It took about 5 minutes of cajoling and distracting her with looking at items in the fridge before she quietened down. Having no ice pack (too cold to take my frozen EBM) to reduce the swelling, we placed a piece of cold pack strip (for fevers) but it was not sticky enough and did not stay on for long, so we left it as it was and of course did not rub it (should not rub at all).

Poor girl, sorry Mummy did not watch over you properly! People in the yard say kids will definitely have one experience of falling from beds or sofas, but I was thinking that this would never happen in our house since we are rather vigilant...sigh... luckily she did not land awkwardly on her arm/neck or smack her face against her cot... shudder!

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