Sunday, December 27, 2009

Toilet Picasso

Very quickly now, within two seconds, what do you see in the below tile art on our bathroom wall?
A. A flower
B. A bad case of blackheads on a face
C. Strange-shaped bananas around a plate of sesame seeds
D. A cat

I am very sure that when Wayne and I ordered the tiles from Boloni, they were meant to be (A) A flower.

However, for slightly more than two weeks now, whenever Rosabelle heads into the bathroom and sees the tiles, she will say (D) '猫猫' (a cat), making the nanny highly confused, and she had to keep correcting Rosabelle to say that it is the shape of a flower.

And then it dawned upon me...

These few days, whenever the windows fog up in the morning, I have been drawing her a picture of a cat using my fingers. So when she wakes up and looks outside, she will either go '狗狗' (as I always used to ask her to look out to see if she can spot any dogs), or call out '猫猫', wanting me to draw my (in)famous cat picture.

So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the cat that my daughter now thinks is reproduced on our toilet wall tiles... (it does look slightly like it, with the spots for eyes/ears, and the petals for ears...).

This picture above is my attempt at crayon doodling, and getting Rosabelle to try and use the crayons to draw, rather than just pinching at them with her nails. I never was an arty-farty person, so pardon the pig-like body on the cat.

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