Friday, December 4, 2009

Our table centrepiece

Rosabelle's playing territory knows no bounds (as long as it's safe and we are keeping an eye on her, of course). Yesterday, before her dinner time, she decided that after sitting on the dining table chair for all of 2 seconds, she wanted to climb onto the dinner table as well.
So here she is, exploring the stack of coasters, and playing with our wallet, purse, keys, handphone etc left on the table.
I was by her side all the time to make sure she was safe at this height. However, as she was at the TV console just now, she lost her balance momentarily and hit the edge of her nose against the sharp edge of the table. I do not normally console/carry her up after a fall/hitting, but I could see it was quite a hard smack, and she of course started to bawl. I carried her up and Wayne had to distract her with games on his mobile phone screen before she stopped crying. Luckily, she was only crying for about 2 minutes, phew! But we could see a slight red swelling around the nose area, poor thing.

Wayne got back home this morning (and Rosabelle was kicking excitedly and kissing Daddy as he carried her - so sweet), just as well, as our girl must be missing her Daddy. For the past few nights, when she was sleeping, I could at times hear her murmuring 'Papa', and once even 'Yeye' (as we kept telling her 'Papa is at Yeye and Nai Nai's house'). She was also making smacking noises like a fish on one night, heh! She can now recognize and point out the different family members in Wayne's and my family portraits, even calling 'Gong gong' (my dad) pretty clearly.

Here is a random shot of her before we went out yesterday, in yet another new sweater top. The Barbie hat had a close shave this morning! After walking for about 15 minutes around the neighbourhood, I carried her out to see some wooden elephants outside a restaurant, and noticed that one side of the plait on the hat was missing. Oh dear! It must have been yanked off when she turned her head too quickly whilst her body was pressing on it.

So sad, as the plaits make her look nice and when the nanny came down to feed her fruits, I retraced our steps and thank goodness, saw the stray plait lying on the floor outside the supermarket, in not too dirty a condition, haha! So we happily brought it home to clean and got the nanny to sew it tightly back on...phew!

In keeping with the sweet Barbie image of our dear girl, she continues to warm our hearts with very sweet gestures. As the dry winter excerbates my skin rash condition, I will at times apply ointment on parts of my arms with the rashes after bath. When Rosabelle sees that, she will pretend to cry, giving her 'oooh, oooh, oooh' sound, and come towards me to kiss the parts of my arms that have the rashes. Aiyo, so not clean, but oh so sweet lah!

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