Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yo, yo, yo!

After donning Wayne's beanie the other day, Rosabelle again chanced on yet another of Wayne's beanie, and indicated to her Daddy that she wanted to don the hat.
Wayne helped her to put it on and she even went walking around the house in it before pulling it off, deciding it was much too hot for indoor wear.
Doesn't she look like she's rapping away here? (Never mind the moo-moo cow suit... it's the pose that matters...)
So much for looking the part.

These days, she likes to always exclaim an airy 'Ahhhh...', complete with an expression of excitement, when we draw the curtains in the morning, as she is probably used to us telling her to welcome the sunshine and nice day with a 'Waaaah!'. Likewise, she will touch the window panes and draw her hands back quickly and clasp them when we ask her to 'feel how cold the windows are'. However, she is quite a good girl when it comes to not touching electrical/hot items - she has even managed to mimick our '不动, 不动' with something that sounds like 'bung, bung, bung' (sounds Korean, if you ask me!) to indicate that she knows certain things are out of bounds.

Heh, so long as she abides by her own rules, as with her increasing mobility, we can't possibly childproof every part of the house.

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