Sunday, December 20, 2009

And we came home to Speedy Gonzales...

On Friday night, Wayne and I came home from our usual date night past 10 pm, thinking that Rosabelle would already be fast asleep. When we stepped into the house, she was still playing on her playmat, clad in her pyjamas.

The nanny had already fed her the EBM more than an hour ago, and had tried to get her to sleep after, but apparently, Rosabelle refused to go to sleep, wanting to go into the living room to play.

So play she did, scooting around on her walker, where Wayne captured hazy pictures of her running around.
These days, she likes having us chase her around, and she will giggle/chuckle happily as she toddles along, at times even breaking into a run, haha! (That's me with my exaggerated "Mummy's going to get you!" run...)

She will walk, then cheekily look back to see if we are chasing her, and then quickly run away as fast as she can, shifting her walker very steadily and quickly. I will at times hide behind the walls/sofa/in the room, and then pop out suddenly, giving her a fright as she will jump, then run away, at times dangerously looking upwards instead of the road ahead as she laughs.

When I am not chasing after her, she will 'Eh, eh, eh!' me, willing me to play with me and run after her. She can at times see where I am hiding and purposely come look for me, then run away again when I pounce out on her. Heh! You can be sure the nanny had a hard time putting her to sleep past midnight that night - Wayne said she seemed to be on steroids and very hyper when he helped to change her diaper after!

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