Monday, December 7, 2009

Of confused bowels & fowls

On Saturday, there was glorious sun and as usual, Wayne took Rosabelle out on a short walk as I did some cleaning up after her breakfast and got ready for lunch outside since it was the nanny's day off.

(We have observed that our girl has a bad habit of not wanting to poo when the nanny's not around. When she gives her usual 'poo face' - of wanting to pass motion - we will carry her to the bed to 'nnnng nnnng' her, but when we do it, she will wave her hands/body/head to say that she does not want to poo. However, when the nanny's back on Sunday, she will happily poo...sigh! She does sure know how to get selective in the wierdest things!)
We ended up at The Orient Kitchen at The Village, letting her try beef kway teow (just the noodle, since she has not eaten beef yet), fish slices, chicken wings (after I tasted the chicken, I realized it was slightly spicy - no wonder she shrieked and kept flicking her tongue and wanting to drink water when I fed her parts of the chicken with the crisp outer layer, haha!), xiao bai cai, mushrooms, and radish. She ate pretty quickly, and quite alot, I must say, so coupled with the good service and ambience, it was quite a good meal for her and adults alike.
After that, we took photos with a Christmas barn and tree... not her first time seeing a Chirstmas tree though.
Last year around this time, my Mum's house lobby had a Christmas tree, complete with sparkling star at the tip.
And we also took a family photo with the massive Chistmas tree at a hotel buffet lunch (when Rosabelle was only less than two months old).

Time sure flies! These days, she's continuing to amuse (and amaze) us with the quirkiest things, like picking up on how Wayne washes his hands - she observed once and after that waved her hands and rubbed it to mimick 'Daddy washing hands'. She also strangely likes to use a straw for drinking nowadays (maybe she likes her Pigeon pop-up straw bottle too much), so when we are at our wit's end if she does not eat her fruits (like the other day when she rejected papaya), we mash up the fruit for her to slurp it from a straw from, heh!

She also has a developing strong sense of possession - as one of her favourite fridge magnets is that in a shape of a duck (that she always mistakes for a chicken and goes 'cuckoo koo'), she will always look for it when we are playing near/at the fridge. However, the duck magnet strangely went missing yesterday, and to her sounds of her going 'cuckoo koo' in the saddest tone, the nanny, Wayne and I started looking around all over the house for the missing chicken-duck. For the whole 15 minutes before Wayne eventually found it in her toy box, Rosabelle kept looking towards the fridge and casting us a sad look as she went 'cuckoo koo', as if saying "Please help me to find the 'chicken', it's lost...". Well, after Wayne found it, she even managed a vague '谢谢' (we are teaching her some Ps & Qs these days - it's never too early/late to start!), haha! But as you can imagine, she only held onto 'cuckoo koo' for about 2 minutes before being distracted with other toys, heh!

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