Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quacking business

I got Rosabelle a training toilet seat the other day, an OK Baby duck one from Italy. As expected, she liked the seat very much, and even cried when we carried her up after attempting to 'ssssh, sssssh' her and she did not pee. She kept grabbing at the duck's beak and going 'kwa, kwa, kwa' (duck sound). Later, when we placed her in the bath tub, she kept indicating to the nanny that she wanted the 'kwa, kwa, kwa' to be put into the bath tub for her to play with, aiyo!

These days, to inculcate in her a sense of responsibility, and let her feel like she is lending a helping hand around the house, we let her hold her soiled diaper to throw into the trash bag, after which she will clap to praise herself (regardless of whether the diaper is aimed correctly...). Nowadays, she will want to grab at her diaper right after she is changed, so that she can help bring it to the toilet to throw. Of course, if it's poo, she won't get to even touch the diaper, heh...

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