Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to Daddy Wayne!

Rosabelle practised her happy birthday clapping during meal time today, wanting to give Wayne a kiss when I said that it's 'Daddy's birthday'...
The orange mousse cake from 21cake arrived (realized I could have ordered it cheaper via, getting a larger discount if I went through some other folks who managed to get further discounts...), which wasn't a surprise for Wayne at all since they messed up when taking my order - bleah... After lunch, it was cake-cutting time and Rosabelle was very attracted to the orange swirls on top of the cake.
This is a lovely kiss for her Daddy dearest here (cue 'Awwwww....').
We tried getting a proper family shot but Rosabelle kept moving and wanting to push our heads away so she could reach at the cake. It also doesn't help that the nanny has shaky fingers, haha!
In the end, we decided to satiate our girl's curiosity and Daddy cut the cake with her.
We offered her a slice of the cake but she refused it, wanting to eat the orange instead - it certainly looks more appetising than the pale, beige-coloured mousse cake, haha! However, upon seeing Wayne and I enjoy the cake, she also started chomping on the cake that the nanny was feeding her. It filled her up so much that she did not even want me to nurse her before her afternoon nap, so off I went for my facial session before dinner time with my husband.
I had made reservations at CRU Steakhouse at J.W. Marriott Hotel for Wayne's birthday dinner, heh, and it was a good choice as we both stuffed ourselves silly, enjoying the great ambience and service as well (well, not too cheap either - we ordered a bottle of red wine as well and the bill came up to about RMB1,500).
The complimentary bread and bagels...
My starter of lovely, crisp calamari...
Wayne's yummy carrot soup...
Wayne's slab of beef and fries, as well as my mac 'n' cheese and mashed potato sides.
Detracting a little, you can see the new red highlights in my hair here, *cough*.
And me and my main of grilled beef - a little too tough though...
Of course, how could we forego dessert? The chocolate cake was so rich that for once, I did not wallop up the whole dessert and even had left-overs!
That's us at the restaurant entrance, and I am still very bloated from a good dinner, haha!
As for Wayne's birthday present, I got him a pair of Oakley shades - the Oakley Polarized Square Whisker Sunglasses (Brown/Tungsten Iridium). If it sounds cool, that's because it is, haha! This site even allows you to see how wearing the shades helps you see better - nice...
So ladies and gentlemen, meet a pleased Mr. Shi showing off his birthday pressie here. Love loads to my husband!

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