Friday, December 18, 2009

Mister Rosabelle???

When she was younger (and even now), Rosabelle is often mistaken for a boy, due to her *erm* larger-than-average size. With her short hairstyle, and being dressed up sometimes in Simon's hand-me-downs, it's no surprise she gets errorneously addressed as '哥哥' or '弟弟' at times (though I have to grind my teeth and roll my eyes when I get a 'Is that a boy or girl?' question even when she's dressed in pink, in flowers, and has a hair clip - grrrr....).

Today, whilst at Shin Kong, I grabbed a Fisher-Price pamphlet for Rosabelle to look at, as she likes to see pictures of kids. Only upon coming home did I take a close look - the child model on the front page, a boy, actually resembles Rosabelle!

Look at the hair parting, the expression, and of course, the unmistakable single eyelids. Hoho! So now I know what our daughter will look like (i) when at two years old and (ii) if she were a boy. Quite an uncanny resemblance, I must say - even the nanny and Wayne find it hilarious!

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