Sunday, December 20, 2009

How unconventional...

Once a week, the nanny will make chicken dumplings for Rosabelle (which she will happily chomp on). On Friday, I asked her to prepare extra dough for the girl so that she can play with it.

Plasticine, Play Dough, homemade dough...all nice and squishy - should be fun for little fingers, right?

Nope, wrong.

When Rosabelle saw the mass of dough in front of her, she screwed her nose up and did not dare to touch it. Even when Wayne and I tried to attract her by looking/behaving/sounding hyper-excited about the dough by plying it into different shapes, squishing it between our fingers, and using cookie cutter shapes on it, she still did not dare put a finger on it.

Alas...she wanted to only play with the cookie cutters, and in the end pinched a slight bit to attempt to put the dough into her mouth. Oh well, we've cling-wrapped the dough in the fridge, and will take it out on another day for further play. See how bored she looks with the dough in front of her? Just when I thought all kids will like playing with dough, I also assumed Rosabelle will like eating raisins. I wanted to let her try some for breakfast yesterday morning, together with the oatmeal I had made (detracting a little - the nanny's on a two-day break this weekend, thus the lack of postings as we've been busy coping with Rosabelle on our own, and Wayne has a case of the sniffles, so we could only order lunch in instead of going out today). Raisins are sweet, and the size serves as nice finger food, so all kids should like it, right? (Further, it's high in iron, as all dried fruits are - but because it's too sweet, I wasn't going to let her eat too much of such stuff anyway...).

Nope, our girl liked taking the raisins out of the small box, then putting them back in again. She even fed me the raisins, but quickly spat them out after trying one. Can't blame her - it looks black and wrinkled, and the texture does taste dubious if you are eating it for the first time.

Looks like this is another food that I'd need to bring to the yard and share with other kids before she will know that it's something good and yummy. This is the tactic I employ, like for example, she has strangely been rejecting her favourite dragon fruit, so I will take out the fruit box and start offering/feeding them to other kids, and she will then clamour for me to feed her. The food probably tastes nicer when shared, I guess!

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