Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hugs & kisses to Raelynn!

It wasn’t too long ago over CNY 2008 that I visited Pauline after she had given birth to her first child, a sweetie Raeanne who is about 9 months older than Rosabelle. I even used my big angpow to cover the length of the poor girl's torso, haha!

Jie Jie Raeanne (still tiny as a pod then in above photo) is now a proud big sister of Pauline and Aik Cher’s second child, another sweetie Raelynn! Congrats my dear friend, and here’s to the power of SAHMs - can't wait to visit you all over CNY 2010!

Check out Raelynn's cheeky little wink below (photo taken from their blog), and only the Teos can fathom how on earth they managed to give a blow-by-blow account (down to the minute) of what happened (a tape recorder, maybe?) even as they were both occupied with a 101 things going on during the delivery. Aiyo!
Name: Raelynn Teo
Popped out on: December 02, 2009
Mom & Pop: Pauline & Aik Cher

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Piggy Family said...

Thanks, Wendy. Hehe, must post early before I forget the details. By the way, I'm updating more photos of Raelynn at my blog. This time with both eyes open. :)